Saturday, 17 February 2007

Three's Company

Although life with three kids is going better than I had imagined in those fear-filled pregnancy days, chaos rules with an iron fist. Getting out of the house before 10 am is a major accomplishment. Usually, the 3-year-old Oldest Child will refuse to get dressed on her own, the 2-year-old Middle Child will decide to have a bath in his clothes, and Baby Child will have a poo-splosion (maybe two) and need at least two more feeds before we leave the house. Oh, and I won't have even showered yet, because I'm far too groggy before 8 o'clock to think clearly about my time management issues.

Once I get out of the house and Oldest Child into Nursery, things move along relatively easily until I take the younger ones to playgroup, the park, or maybe the doctor's office. Once there, Middle Child will disappear, with a devilish laugh, the second he sees me hike up my top to feed Baby Child. He may decide to break valuable items while he's out of arms' reach. He may also get into fist fights with other toddlers, just to add a little spice to his day. The baby usually decides to lay on another poo-splosion, just as I've taken off her nappy and run out of spare clothing.

So, after having all this fun, we come home for lunch and attempt to get out the door again, to pick up Oldest Child from Nursery. This is often a bit easier with only two, but I don't count on it.

Thankfully, I've been referred to a volunteer group called Home-Start. There will soon be a lovely volunteer that will come to my house 3 hours a week to help me with my kids. She will help me wrangle the kids for an outing, and come with us on said outing. She is even willing to look after them so I can take a nap for an hour or so! Heaven.

I love my kids, but sometimes I need a hand now and then. Being signed up with Home-Start is the most exciting thing that's happened to me since having Baby. The volunteer hasn't come yet, but I've met with the director. I'll keep you updated.....

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