Saturday, 10 February 2007

Best policy

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. The inspiration for the title of this blog is my own bookshelf at home. It sits atop our clapped-out piano, stuffed to the gills with books, papers, pens, games, toys, and even nappies and wipes. My head is a bit like that actually; filled to overflowing with ideas and thoughts, most of which are child related and dusty.

My husband plans to put more shelving up in the house today, so instead of all this crap accumulating in one spot, I can spread it out a little. The clutter will dissipate, temporarily, then breed. That's how it works in my house. Tidiness is a journey, not an event.


So today I got my hair cut. I'm happy with it, so all is well. However, the salon doesn't accept switch cards. I had to walk across the street to get money out of a cash point and come back again to pay. The funny thing was, I did this after my hair was done. I could have walked away, never to return. It made me wonder about people's honesty in general. Would anyone really do that? If this place had that problem, wouldn't they have asked for my wallet or keys as collateral? I felt a little bit odd, walking around with my stolen hair. Well, not stolen, but I could have! Even though I walk past that place every day to take my daughter to school! I like them, for thinking I'm an honest person. I am (really!), but it's nice that honesty is automatically assumed instead of noticed with surprise.

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