Sunday, 11 February 2007

Brother, where art thou?

My brother will soon be coming to live with us for a few months. Not sure when, exactly, because the days keep changing. But soon. Woot! I am excited. For the past two years he was away on a mission for our Church, but he's been home for the past 3 months, living with Mom and Stepdad in Wales. Where the only job he's been able to find is at the cinema, a 20-minute drive away, for £4.95/hour.

He called a few employers around our area, and got three job offers over the phone in one afternoon! His new job pays £7.00/hour, with a raise after his probationary period. Wales is such an economically depressed area, it's really disheartening. He has been working so hard trying to find a job, and has gotten nowhere. I can't imagine what it must be like for people raising a family and trying to make ends meet.

So now he will be staying with us while he works, and poor Middle Child is being turfed out of his bedroom! Luckily he's only 2 and shouldn't mind so much. Oldest Child and Middle Child will be sharing a room again, but this time Middle Child not in a cot anymore and I'm nervous about the results. They just might kill each other in there, when no one's looking.

Baby Child is still in our room, which is going surprisingly well. Middle Child would not sleep through the night until he was in a room on his own. In a two bed house, that meant we had our bed in the living room for a while. Nightmare. I'm sooooooo glad to be in this bigger, 3-bed house. We've lived here for over a year now, and I still have warm feelings of contentment when I compare it to the shoe-box we were living in before.

Ach, I'm rambling. Maybe next time I'll post about something actually interesting.

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