Sunday, 29 April 2007

Power Pramming

I'm trying to get back into running. I really don't like it much, but it's cheap and easy and I can fit it into my life a lot easier than a trip to the gym. Eldest Child's nursery school is really just down the road from our house, so I've been trying to run down there in the mornings, with the younger ones strapped into the buggy and Eldest Child perched on the end, holding on for dear life. It's quite a workout, pushing the three lumps along, and I feel pretty good afterwards.

I've also started running with a bunch of other mothers in a local park. We run in pairs, encouraging each other to keep going. It is a really good experience for me. Everyone is at a different fitness level, and there is a real sense of camaraderie. At the end of the run, we do stretches and baby lifts. The looks we get from members of the public are worth every moment of being red-faced and out of breath.

I'm no fitness expert and I'm certainly far from healthy myself, but it's exciting to see a change in my endurance levels. I want to be a good example to my kids so we don't turn into a couch potato family.

Because, this no TV thing? Yeah, it didn't last very long. I'm weak; hence the running to burn off extra calories!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

I, like, have the best kids eva!!11!!!1!

Yesterday was a super busy day for us. After a pretty sedate morning we jetted off to play at a friend's house. We stayed over three hours (this often happens, since the kids get along so well and we mothers can gab for England), so by the time I managed to force my children into the car there was no time to drive home, make dinner, eat, pick up Husband from the train station, and get to church before Youth started.

I made the decision to take the kids to Little Chef. It's not a fancy restaurant or anything, basically just a stop-off point for long distance travelers. We were seated at a table and ordered our food, ate, paid and left without any major incidents or misbehaviours.

I have to say, I am supremely impressed with this. A four year old, two year old, and three month old managed to sit quietly and eat for about an hour in a foreign environment with lots of interesting and enticing temptations all around them (namely, the front door, the rack of sweets and chocolates, and the kitchen, not to mention the other customers).

I would like to say that it's down to my and Husband's superb parenting skills, but I think they were just too tired from playing earlier to get into any mischief. Whatever the reason, my kids were awesome yesterday and I wanted to tell the world.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

True Mom Confessions


Sometimes you need a completely anonymous outlet for your emotions. This website is it! Is there something bugging you about motherhood (or fatherhood) that you can't tell anyone else for fear of being judged a (gasp) "bad parent"?

I would tell you my confession, but that completely undermines the entire point of the site. Maybe you can guess mine, but I won't tell you if you're right. If I did, I'd have to kill you.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

She's four.

Oldest Child is four years old today! We were dithering over having a party or not, but decided to go for it a couple of days ago. Yesterday, I took her shopping for party supplies, and I suddenly realised that she's her own person with opinions on everything. Her favourite colour is pink. She's a fairy princess and as such needed a Disney Princess birthday cake. She required green chocolate chip mint ice cream for her cake. She wanted specific birthday plates and cups. She doesn't like Dora the Explorer anymore. And today, when she wanted to do some gluing, it had to be pictures of flowers.

I'm blown away. It seems like just a few weeks ago I was able to impose my opinion on her and get away with it. Not anymore! She knows what she wants and that's the end of it. Of course I'm proud of her and want more than anything to raise children who are confident and know what they want out of life. I'm just amazed. It happened overnight. Four years ago I was giving birth to this little creature (and cursing my very existence), and now she's this amazing kid with a life that is her very own.

I still can't believe it.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter Humour, woo hoo!

All the eggs in the UK are brown, unless you want to spend £50 for half a dozen duck eggs. So, basically, those girls have no idea how hard that egglady worked on her dye job. They are just jealous. Go jump off a wall, hatchling wannabes.

(Don't you love the holidays?)

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Pity party, table for one?

I'm sick. I've been sick since Sunday, alternating fever with cold shakes, hacking up a lung, and losing my voice. Good times! Getting sick used to be fun when I was a kid. I got to stay home from school, watch a lot of daytime TV, and get served flat 7-UP and saltine crackers.

Being a grown-up has its disadvantages. My kids know that I'm not up to mediating their disputes (read: nuclear warfare) and making them the elaborate, healthy meals they are used to (insert ironic smilie here). In short, they take full advantage of my weakened state. This includes toast at all hours of the day, a steady rotation of our movie collection, and cereal for dinner. We are all sick of my being sick, I have to say.

I've tried to pretend that I'm not sick, you know, the power of the mind and all that. No luck. I even started painting OldestChild's bedroom, but after about 30 minutes I had to go lie down. I'm getting stir crazy! Oh, and I had such plans for this week. I was going to be efficient. I was going to organise and rearrange and clean and sew stuff. I was going to spend quality time with my almost-four-year-old.

And my birthday! It's on Saturday! Anyone want to join me at the pity table? I promise I'll give you a slice of my birthday cake. And I won't even cough on it. How's that for hospitality?