Thursday, 19 April 2007

I, like, have the best kids eva!!11!!!1!

Yesterday was a super busy day for us. After a pretty sedate morning we jetted off to play at a friend's house. We stayed over three hours (this often happens, since the kids get along so well and we mothers can gab for England), so by the time I managed to force my children into the car there was no time to drive home, make dinner, eat, pick up Husband from the train station, and get to church before Youth started.

I made the decision to take the kids to Little Chef. It's not a fancy restaurant or anything, basically just a stop-off point for long distance travelers. We were seated at a table and ordered our food, ate, paid and left without any major incidents or misbehaviours.

I have to say, I am supremely impressed with this. A four year old, two year old, and three month old managed to sit quietly and eat for about an hour in a foreign environment with lots of interesting and enticing temptations all around them (namely, the front door, the rack of sweets and chocolates, and the kitchen, not to mention the other customers).

I would like to say that it's down to my and Husband's superb parenting skills, but I think they were just too tired from playing earlier to get into any mischief. Whatever the reason, my kids were awesome yesterday and I wanted to tell the world.

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