Friday, 11 May 2007

The beginning of the End

My youngest is interested in food. She is 4 months old, and has started snatching spoons out of my hand and greedily shoving them into her own mouth. Today she was happily sucking on my apple for several minutes (Why can I never finish an apple on my own? But that's a rant for another day).

So, I'm going to wean her. I didn't want to start this young, even though this is about the same age as when I weaned the other two. I just wanted her to stay a baby for longer, you know? Sadly, she has other ideas about that.

I'm feeling bittersweet about this moment. I mean, sure, it's exciting to watch her grow and develop and turn into a wonderful little person. Of course it is! But, I know how fast kids grow up, and I wanted to savour the baby moments for a little longer. Once she starts eating solids, she'll be crawling and walking and talking and potty trained and at school and then moving out.

It's all downhill from here. I'm a little sad about it.

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