Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Come here for tips on embarassing yourself

Want to know how to feel like the biggest loser on the entire planet?

Yesterday, I had some errands to run after picking up Oldest Child from nursery school. I usually prefer running errands during the mornings, when I only have two kids in tow and before Middle Child needs his nap. I took them to playgroup instead, so I ran out of time. As I dashed out the door, I grabbed my bank cards to buy petrol and groceries.

Cut to Sainsbury's petrol station, wherein I put £10 worth of petrol in the tank, and attempted to pay for it with an expired bank card. I had a second card (my husband's) but that, too, was expired. I have no cash on me. No alternate form of payment. I'm standing at the front, with loads of people queuing up and paying next to me, and I have to fill in paperwork and exchange my soul as collateral so I can run home and get money.

I have never been so embarrassed in my life! That's saying a lot, since countless people have seen my bum and hoo-hoo during pregnancy and childbirth. Maybe it wouldn't have been so embarrassing if I had filled the tank up all the way -- as it stood, I looked like the poor woman who couldn't afford to pay a tenner for her petrol. gah.

After signing the paperwork, I dragged my poor kids back home again, located my working bank card, drove to a bank to withdraw cash (I was not attempting a card payment at that station again!), and paid for the petrol.

Next time I need to run errands, I'm making the husband do it.

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