Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Baby Child and Sleep

The baby is five months old, and I've finally started a routine with her. Before, she would just fall asleep while I watched TV at night, and one of us would put her up to bed eventually. It was nice to cuddle with her and everything, but she needs a better routine now.

So we've started to do a bath, massage, feed, and into bed while still awake routine. She wasn't too happy about it the first few nights, I have to say. I let her cry for a while, hoping she would soothe herself, but I ended up going in there and holding her until she dropped off. Last night, she moaned for about a minute. Tonight, nothing.

Bliss! It looks like my evenings will be free sooner than I expected. The poor dear gets shuttled around all day and never gets a proper daytime nap routine, so at least I can get her to bed at a decent hour and she can sleep for long stretches of time.

Happiness is a house full of sleeping kids. Time to party!

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Lulu said...

Woohoo, I'm glad to hear Mimi's being good about getting into a routine! Enjoy your free evenings. ;)