Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Crash! Bam! And then silence.

Monday morning, I was rear-ended as I was waiting to turn into our road. I was literally 100 metres from home, and got in a car wreck! Luckily, the kids are okay, but I've got whiplash, and the car is an insurance write-off.

We're getting a replacement car today, so that's good. I can't drive for a few more days though, since I'm so sore. I'm also a bit nervous about driving again! The kids' car seats will all have to be replaced as well.

What a nuisance! Apparently the lady braked in time, but the road was slippery and she couldn't stop.

I just hope it all gets resolved quickly and easily. And I really hope that the pains in my back, shoulders and neck go away. Here's hoping!

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