Thursday, 23 August 2007

Long time no see!

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's inconsistency. I seem to post here on a daily basis for a week or two, then leave it at a stand-still for months at a time.

I could say my excuse is a busy lifestyle, but it's probably more laziness than anything else! Sorry, dear readers!

As we near the end of August and our great "British Summer" I am thinking more and more about the changes coming just around the corner for our family.

Eldest Child will be in school -- wearing a uniform and everything! -- in a scant few weeks. Ack!

Middle Child will be three years old and starting nursery school in less than two months. Ack! Ack!

Baby Child will be one year old in four months. Ackety ack ack!

Oh, and my husband will be well and truly in his thirties, as he is turning 31 at the end of October. But don't tell him I told you that. He is in deep denial.

Life has this funny way of creeping up on you. At the end of each day, I run through what I've done with my time, and can never understand how quickly the days turn into weeks, which turn into months and then years.

But anyway, I digress. My biggest excitement that will be coming just around the corner (aside from birthdays and holidays of course) is my Big Trip to America!

I haven't been back to the states since I moved to England 8 years ago, so I'm sooo excited. I got myself some dollars last week, and I made my appointment with the US Embassy in London to renew my United Statian passport. I will be dragging all three kids along on the trains and tubes in London in order to make it to my appointment, so I'll be sure to let you all know if I survive the ordeal. I'm kind of excited to go it alone, just me and the kids. It's a test of nerve and skill and I'm up to the challenge. Plus, I plan to take them to the Natural History Museum to see all the dinosaur bones and the stuffed Blue Whale (I'm seriously stoked about that one!), so it should be a good day. Middle Child is behaving amazingly well when I let him walk alongside the buggy, so I'm hopeful. He'll still be on the reins and/or sitting in the double buggy, but I think he'll be reasonably well behaved.

I just hope the weather is nice. HA!

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