Monday, 3 September 2007

I am totally buying these!

My son turns three next month, and the potty training adventure is hitting another low point. Luckily, The Toiletsticker (tm) is available to alleviate my potty training woes!

I've placed an order, and I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival. My son will be desperate to use the toilet now, I'm sure. My daughter will be green with envy, I'm also sure.

When you've been trying to potty train your child for seven months and he is due to start nursery school in four weeks and you want to gouge your eyes out when you see yet another wet patch on the floor/couch/in his pants, even funky stickers in the toilet bowl don't sound too weird to you.

Desperate? Sure! Now, someone find me poop targets and I'll be all set.

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