Tuesday, 25 September 2007

RIP, PopMan 3000

I left my popcorn machine to run for a wee bit too long. I had a tea towel over it, to prevent most of the popcorn flying across the room as it careened out of the chute, but unfortunately I forgot that a popcorn machine gets hot. I know! Who knew, right?

Ahem. The mechanism that heats and spins the kernels still works, but because the chute is all melty melty, the popped goodness can't escape, and so ends up as a caked in mess on the bottom. Not that I tried to pop another batch after meltdown occurred or anything. I'm just making an educated guess.

I'm sad. I bought a whole new bag of popcorn, too. Back to the stone age method of stove top popping. Barbaric.

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