Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Why did nobody tell them it was a bad idea?

As cute as the children look in their school uniforms -- and believe me, putting aside my extreme bias towards my own adorable children, all of the kids look fabulous -- did none of the higher-ups think that white polo shirts plus small, grubby children equals Bad Idea?

Over the summer, as I was buying uniforms and ironing her name onto them, I held onto this irrational hope that she wouldn't come home a filthy mess every day. Oh, I joked with other mothers about gravy stains and paint splodges, but I still hoped for cleanliness. A week after school starts, and reality has hit me full on. There is no way this child can stay clean for more than three minutes put together. She uses her top as a napkin, for one thing. I have been lax in the hygiene department, I see that now. I haven't taught my children proper hand wiping etiquette, eg, do not wipe food/bogies/marker fuzz onto your clothing.

Because my Eldest is now a "Big Kid," she comes complete with sighing, foot stomping, hair flipping, eye rolling and under-the-breath muttering. So if I have to remind her five times in five minutes to stop wiping her hands on her top, she will get indignant and swear up and down that she didn't do such a thing.

She has two pinafore dresses, and being navy blue, can hide dirty hand wipes easier. I thought I had it made last week, when I sent her to school in one. "Excellent!" thought I, "That white polo shirt will stay clean enough for her to wear tomorrow as well!" Until she got a mysterious orange mark on her sleeve.

Time to buy stain removers in bulk, I think.

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