Saturday, 3 November 2007

Cute or scary? You decide.

My vote is for scary. I know many people would disagree with me. One of those people was at the craft fair I attended today. As I set up my table of books, she set up her table of "hand-made" porcelain dolls. I just can't get behind the idea of collecting things that look so creepily life-like. From the snippets of her conversations I overheard with her customers throughout the day, she has a vast amount of dolls in her home, in every single room. That's right, folks. Little porcelain doll eyes to stare at you while you sit upon the porcelain throne. Little doll faces to watch over you while you sleep. Little doll hands to strangle you while you.... Sorry. Got carried away there.

At one point, she lifted a doll's hair off its head. She had forgotten to glue its wig on, apparently. She giggled and said, "Whoops, I hope I don't sell that one!"

I think I may have bad dreams tonight.

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Anna said...

Yeah, I vote for 'creepy'. Really not big on dolls. Particularly those ones that look like lifelike babies, but because they're dolls, they look like dead babies.