Monday, 5 November 2007

Dude, clothes are expensive!

I don't buy clothes very often, but when I do, I shop at Tesco or Matalan or something cheap and cheerful like that. I have young children, and clothing stays looking nice for about two seconds before their grubby little hands create stains.

But, I have a job interview on Wednesday (eep!), and after much dithering, I decided to go for a suit jacket and matching trousers at Debenhams. The jacket was cheap, compared to the others on the rack; only £30. The trousers were quite reasonable, I thought, at only £18.

Still. Combine the two and we're talking fifty quid spent on clothes solely for myself for a job that I may not even get. And -- keep this a secret between you and me, will you? -- I signed up for a store card to make the purchase. Yes, I opened up a dreaded store card account with massive interest. I don't ever shop at Debenhams, and don't plan on making a habit of it, so I figured I could pay it off quickly and not ever use it again.

Famous last words, right? The clothes fit me so nice, it was pretty amazing. I didn't have to try several different sizes or styles and the trousers are very comfortable. I guess paying extra for clothing means better quality. I'll take any justification that I can get!

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Neen said...

New clothes are great, good luck on that interview. I have opened store charges too just for the discounts that they offer when you sign up.