Friday, 23 November 2007

Eeek! Lice!

Luckily, not on my child. Thus far. Fingers crossed. Touch wood. Cross eyes. And anything else that will (a) bring luck and (b) prevent infestations.

I am slightly freaking out after receiving a letter from the school saying they have a confirmed case of lice in the student population. They failed to say which class/year this child is in, so I really don't know what the likelihood is of my child getting lice. Nonetheless, I am combing her hair thoroughly each night just in case.

We now own a zapper louse comb -- killing the buggers with a small electric shock that is harmless to small children -- and a traditional louse comb. The zapper can only be used on dry hair, so the regular comb is used in conjunction with wet and heavily conditioned hair.

She is getting a hair cut tomorrow. If she gets lice, I am not going to be combing through long, thick hair. Short, thick hair is bad enough! I am slightly surprised that she's not freaking out at the idea of bugs in her hair, biting her scalp, but I shouldn't be. This is a girl who loves spiders and will talk to them like little babies when she finds them in the bath. She was reduced to tears when Middle Child squashed a spider one afternoon.

The upside of these preventative lice combing sessions is that she has beautifully soft, tangle-free hair. Until tomorrow morning at least!

Oh, and any tips on remaining lice free would be greatly appreciated. As would anti-louse karma!


Jenn said...

We also have the lice-zapper comb and a regular nit comb. We used them last winter and they worked great! I usually comb through the kids' hair once a week in case a stray adult gets on them, but I am paranoid. I don't use chemicals to kill the eggs either, I smother with olive oil. You can try that if your kids end up with them and you don't want to use harsh chemicas on their little scalps. Best of luck that your house stays louse-free!

RaisinCookies said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll have to buy olive oil in bulk, I guess!

Juwenne said...

Ugh, Headlice are a pain. I have the zapper comb which is good. We also use the wet comb method which is what school recommends. Shampoo and then condition childs hair (cheap conditioner is good for this). Carefully comb each section of hair while still covered in conditioner which stuns anything live (eek). Rinse the comb each time into a bowl of water and you'll see if there is anything. Repeat over several days until no more eggs hatch then do once a week as a check.