Thursday, 15 November 2007

Knitting High Fashion

A friend of mine explained how to read knitting patterns to me today. This is good, because now I can understand the following: K1, yo, sl 1, K1, psso, rep across.

Yeah, that's right. I have the knowledge. Fear my kneedles!

Ahem. Anyway. Apparently there is a vast amount of free knitting patterns on the world wide web, and I've found some Barbie clothing to knit for Eldest as a Christmas present. I figure, the clothes are small, so should be quick and easy to knit in time for the big day.

What I didn't reckon for was the amazing quality of these patterns, and the beautiful clothes they create....

This little number is a bridesmaid dress. Of course! The holes in the skirt plus the matching "hat" give it away! Frankly, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't come across this pattern six years ago when I was planning my own wedding. Such a wasted opportunity.

Every doll needs a "Lace trim dress". Perhaps the tiers of lace are there to represent the wedding cake that Bridesmaid Barbie is attending? Perhaps the dress is the cake.
This outfit isn't so bad, as far as puffy tartan-esque designs go. What disturbs me is that I can't figure out if Barbie has been posed with her back facing the camera but with her head turned around.

Cute jumpsuit. Can anyone explain to me how Barbie is suffering from cameltoeitis?

This jumpsuit looks very practical. Say, for instance, when you are clearing debris from the side of the highway while chained alongside your closest inmates friends.

I will be knitting several pairs of these "Bell bottom pants" for my daughter's dolls, because anything that makes Barbie's butt and thighs look that huge is a thing of beauty to be treasured forever.

"Knit native american #1". I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to find that this was the only version available. The "#1" was very misleading, and I really wanted to see a Ken doll dressed up to match this ensemble.

There are several cute patterns available, too, so I'll keep you up to date when I've finished the first dress. I am really tempted to make a day-glo orange jumpsuit, though, just so I can play Convict Barbie games with my child. (Of course my kids will grow up to be normal, functioning adults... why do you ask?)


Anna said...

You know you want to make a whole family of Native American Barbies. You know you do. How about these ones?

RaisinCookies said...

Sorry, can't get the link to work!

I'm dying to see this family, though....

Anna said...

Hmm. Does this work?