Thursday, 8 November 2007

A surprisingly good day, with a sad realisation.

Today was one of those on-the-go-every-second sort of days. Once we dropped Eldest off at school, we were out for the rest of the morning, then had friends over for lunch, dropped Middle child off at nursery, then went to Eldest's school for a parent-teacher literacy meeting where I also set up an Usborne book stall. (no orders, but plenty of leaflets handed out)

I came home with Eldest and Baby for a few minutes and then we went out to collect Middle child (who stayed for after school club to give me time to sell!sell!sell! my books), so when we were all home again it was 4.30pm. I managed to throw together an easy, quick dinner, so we had a chance for a leisurely bath and story time tonight before sending them off to bed at 6.30pm. All three of them were barely standing up straight, they were all so tired.

So yes, busy day, but enjoyable. I didn't have the computer on all day, which is a rare event. Normally I have it on for one reason or another, and I'm usually drawn to it like a moth to a flame if there is ever a lull in the mayhem. Once the kids hear the squeak of the desk doors opening, they are scrambling over my lap or pressing buttons, or generally doing everything in their power to be a nuisance and grab my attention.

They didn't have to do that today, because I was giving my attention to them. I knew that I had a problem with wasting time on the computer during the day, but I never contrasted my normal routine with a computer-free day. Now that I have, I see that days like today are better. More fun, more peaceful, more relaxed.

We have been tv-free during the day for the entire week, and it's been going very well. I think I shall go computer-free during the day from now on, as well. Okay, almost computer free. If the kids are at school/nursery, and Baby is taking a nap, I'm happy to waste some time on the net or something. Otherwise, I think I'll give it a miss.

How long do you think I'll last? We could set up a betting pool. I promise to be honest! (but can you truly depend on the word of an addict?)

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Katrina said...

Your post makes me realize that I have that same problem. Maybe our days should be a little more "tech free", too!