Saturday, 24 November 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner

Being in England means that Thursday was just a normal working day for the husband. No big deal; we just celebrated turkey day today! We got together with another American family, and we had a great time. Our children are similar ages, so they ran around like loons and thoroughly enjoyed themselves while the adults chatted and ate too much.

I was a baking and cooking fiend this afternoon, and I am quite proud of my achievements. My green bean casserole was "magical" (thank you, AllRecipes!) and while the mini sweet potato pie/tarts were a pain to make (I doubled the recipe and ended up making more than 60), they were a big hit with everyone, so that was cool.

We only observe Thanksgiving every other year. It was a good one this year, but I'm glad we get a reprieve next year. It's a lot of food, and you feel obliged to eat more than you normally would. It's not Thanksgiving if you don't have second helpings -- it's just a normal meal, and what's special about that, right?

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