Sunday, 17 February 2008

2 1/2 weeks.

We have been playing round robin with a Monster Cold these past few weeks. Eldest was off school for an entire week, just before half term. Once she got better, Baby got it. Luckily the baby got a shortened version of the disease, so she got better just in time for me to catch it. Looooovely. The Husband is currently suffering, and hopefully Middle Child will escape its clutches. He is surprisingly resilient to many infections, considering how vitamin deficient he must be. (anything resembling a vegetable is summarily dismissed as being defective and inferior "food")

I've been climbing the walls in boredom and frustration. At first, it was nice to just chill out all day in our jammies, watching tv as and when we felt like it, and eating cereal for dinner. It was a novelty. I was going crazy after day 3, though. We couldn't go out -- someone was always ill -- but everyone else was bored stiff. I wasn't up to entertaining them very much, and that is a major drawback in my character these days.

I'll confess. Kiddie games are boring. All they want to do is play mummies and babies, whether it's with their dolls, cars, or bits of sticks and dirt. I live mummies and babies every day, so no thanks. This is why our Sims game sits on the shelf collecting dust. Once I realised that I was changing nappies and feeding children in my down time, I stopped playing that "game" really quick. I love watching the kids play, and listening to their little pretend world, but I really don't have the desire to join in. I like doing stuff with them, like gardening or baking or shopping, but the sitting around and playing games with them is just not my thing.

I'm aware that some mothers and fathers out there will probably think less of me for admitting this. I don't tell people my feelings on this subject very often, for fear of losing points among my parent friends. It's just not my thing.

Thankfully, everyone will be back to their normal schedules starting tomorrow, and we can all get back on an even keel again. Maybe we'll do something cool tomorrow, like painting the brick wall out in the back garden or transplanting our seedlings into little pots. Please, please, anything but dollies and babies again....

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