Sunday, 10 February 2008

Happy Bloggiversary to Me!

Well, it's been an entire year of blogging. I actually have people who read what I write, which is not something I thought I'd have when I started out. I was just typing into a void back then, trying to wrap my head around this blogging thing.

I really enjoy this little space I've created for myself. Writing about small glimpses of my daily life is challenging at times, but often rewarding. I'm embarrassed to admit that I re-read my posts several times after they've been published. I like the fact that I have total control over what gets sent to the screen, and I am ruler of this world. Mwhahahaha!

Aaaaanyway. Last week Eldest was off school sick all week. Good times. Next week, tomorrow, is the start of half term break, so we are all hanging out together for another week. At least we won't be stuck in the house this time around; I've got a fabulous trip lined up to Nottingham to pick up some second-hand hedgehog cages. They are a real bargain, even with the travel costs added to the price. I'm sure the kids will just love a long car ride, right?!?

The weather has been gorgeous lately, so I'm hoping to take them out and about next week. Maybe a bike ride will be thrown into the mix, as well. We'll make sandwiches and head out the door to wherever the wind blows us. I'll let you know how things turn out.

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