Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Meet my new baby.

Praise the heavens that I didn't give birth to him:

Eldest has decided his name is Charlie. For now. I think she may change her mind. Charlie is a fine name for a hedgehog, if you ask me.

Isn't he a cutie, though? We didn't initially want to get a hedgehog with such light colouring, but he's just lovely. His eyes aren't as red as the flash of the camera make out, but they are definitely a dark red. He is 11 months old, and has already produced a few litters with his previous owner. We want to use him for breeding, but first and foremost, he is our pet.

It's been over a decade since I've actually had a pet, and I'm really excited about it! For years I would say to people, "I clean up enough poo as it is; no pets for me!", but I've obviously softened recently. He's so small though, I'm sure he'll be no trouble.

Little Charlie has had a long day, and he's now fast asleep in his little igloo hidey-hole. When I woke him up earlier to transfer him from the carrying cage to his proper home, he snorted and snuffled at me. Awesome.

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