Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I coulda been a... furniture mover?

I am insane. Barking. Mental.

I got it into my head that I could move one of our (massive) armchairs upstairs into Middle Child's room. First, it got stuck in the living room door, into the (narrow) hallway. I didn't take that as a bad sign, oh no. I figured out how to get it into the hallway, and then pushed it up the stairs. It got stuck several times, while I got progressively weaker. Jiggle, push, heave, rest, repeat. Thinking I had it home free when I got past the door frame, I failed to take into account the moulding around the bottom of the upstairs hall banisters. I was four steps away from victory, and didn't think I could make it.

My notorious stubborn streak kicked in (Oh, you thought it was stubbornness carrying me on before now? You don't know how far madness can take you in life, my friend.) and I refused to be defeated so close to my goal. After several more jiggles and pushes, I made it.

Middle Child's room now has a comfy, over-large armchair and our living room has a bit more space in it.

If we ever move, that chair is NOT coming with us.

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Rachel said...

I have a couch that will be part of the house whenever we move away....this couch is the piece of furniture that had my body telling me "no, this isn't going to work anymore. You and your husband are not professional movers, start saving your money now for your next move or I will revolt on you!"

P.S. found your blog on twentysomething, good stuff!