Wednesday, 24 February 2010

So I've Been a Bit Busy...

I'm baking a fourth little Cookie to add to our family! This picture was taken at 25 weeks. This pregnancy has been especially hard on me; I'm nearing the third trimester and I still get vomitrocious on occasion. How fair is that?!

On the plus side, the other three little 'uns are super excited to welcome their new sibling, and I'm relatively confident that I'll be able to cope with all four of them on a daily basis. This is the largest age gap we've ever had -- the youngest will be 3.5 when baby is born. We are more familiar with gaps of the 18 months and 2 year variety. The older ones will be 7 and 5.5, both in full time schooling, so I'll be getting a decent chunk of the day with just me and the baby. Luxury! I'll be able to take a nap or two once in a while!

I've been keeping myself busy in other ways, too. I started singing lessons back in September and participated in a Christmas concert last year. I'll be singing in an Easter concert soon and a few weeks before my due date, I'll be performing in an ensemble choir concert. We're doing dance moves with our songs and everything. I'm sure a 9 months pregnant woman will do a GREAT job dancing in time to music....

My sewing machine has been in heavy use recently as well. I'm teaching myself how to make quilts, to varying degrees of success. There are some amazingly generous quilting bloggers out there who have provided me with many hours of enjoyment through their step by step tutorials.

So far, I've made a quilt for the new baby (this didn't go as well as I'd hoped, but more on that another day), a quilt for my eldest daughter (I started this when she was two... she's almost SEVEN now! *blush*), and two table runners as gifts that are currently hush-hush and won't be revealed until they have been received by their new owners. Plus I haven't quite finished them yet!

My goal is to make a quilt for each child, so I have two more to go. I also want to make a set of three matching dresses for my girlies (yes, the new baby is a GIRL, heaven help us in 10 years) with a free tutorial I found on the net.

Oh, and to keep myself busy in between all that, I'm making a few fabric quiet books for the kids to use during church. I don't know how successful that will be, so watch this space for news.

I've got big plans for this blog! I don't know how often I'll be able to update with the baby on the way, but I'm dying to share my new-found quilt knowledge and pictures of my creations, and my husband can only oooh and aaahh so much.

And, crazily, I'm planning on redecorating the girls' room. Not the entire thing, but I'm hoping to paint a mural on one wall and buy some new storage furniture. We have no eminent plans for moving, even though we live in a three bed house, so all three of our girls will be living in the same room eventually. It should work...

All three girls. I'm still amazed to be able to say that, since I don't even have a sister!

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