Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The beginnings of a Filmstrip Quilt

The beginnings of the white centred squares. I find cutting fabric into small, measured pieces to be oddly enjoyable. I mean, it should be tedious, but for some reason it isn't.

Some of the completed blocks. I need to buy a quilt squaring thingy, I think. The fabric isn't quite matching up on the sides, and if I don't want everything to end up sliding slightly sideways when I start sewing it together, I need to ensure that my pieces are all cut to size correctly.

Next up, patterned fabrics inside a white border. Stay tuned!


Vivian said...

Hi there! Wonderfully colourful squares you are making.

Do you mind if I give you a tip? If you are using the same size lengths on your sides (the ones you attach last) ensure that they match up at the ends put a pin at one end and a pin at the other. And then pull a bit tight and you can make them line up...just keep track of it when you are sewing and your ends should match up. If your pieces are larger, put a pin in the middle to hold it as well. It helps keep your squares...square.

I've taken some quilt classes over the last year and that was one of the most helpful tips I was given. Works on all sizes, from small blocks to adding larger border pieces on the quilt.

Have fun with your blocks!

RaisinCookies said...

Thanks, Vivian! I will try that next time. Quilting tips are ALWAYS appreciated. :)