Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Need a quilt pattern idea!

My husband has been watching me beaver away at the kids' quilts over these past weeks, and just the other day said that he would like a quilt of his own. I'm ecstatic! I would love to make a quilt for my dear husband, but now I'm at a loss.

You see, he wants it to be "camo" themed. He wants the fabric to be from camouflage, and clearly, the pattern needs to reflect the manliness of such fabrics.

I am off to an army surplus store today, to see what kinds of fabric they might have, but I wonder if there are any quilt patterns out there that are geared towards more Manly Quilts.

Any help would be appreciated!


vesta44 said...

You could try either the Log Cabin or Rail Fence patterns. I made a Rail Fence comforter for my son when he was a teenager (quilt top, batting, backing, and tied, not quilted). He still has it, 20 years later, and his son, who is a teenager now, uses it.

RaisinCookies said...

I've never come across a Rail Fence pattern before (such a newb!), but Google is my friend. :)

I love it! I will definitely be using this pattern; thanks for the suggestion!

tarabu said...

If you come across (or have in your cupboard) some old bdu's that need to be cut up, substituting a chunk of pants pocket for a block makes a dandy remote holder for the sofa blanket. Of course we all know he won't actually use the pocket . . . . .