Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Never-Ending Quilt Project is Finished

At last!

My oldest child will be 7 next month. Four or five years ago, my mother and I decided to make her a quilt. We had no real idea what we were doing; no experience quilting, no idea how to cut things square or line up seams. We dove right in to make a quilt full of triangles of all different sizes, and it was -- predictably -- not all that easy to do!

I soldiered on with it until the halfway point, then sewed an entire strip of triangles with the wrong seam allowance. (Yes, I was trying to match up seams in huge chunks at a time; no wonder I was frustrated) It wasn't the end of the world, because I had sewn the patches too big rather than too small, but it was still mightily depressing and I put the quilt away for a very long time.

Until now! For whatever reason, I felt the urge to pick it back up again and finish what I started so many years ago. The prospect of fixing the seam allowances and finishing off the rest of the quilt didn't seem so daunting any more, and I was determined to finish it before Cookie #4 is born.

Once I got into it, the process didn't take me all that long. The seam allowances are still mightily wonky, but there wasn't much I could do since the triangles were cut wrong to begin with. The key to good quilting is painstaking accuracy, but at the time, I cheerily cut away thinking that it would all work out without much effort on my part. Lesson learned, folks!

I backed the quilt with a fleece blanket. I tried to do this with my baby quilt project, but after a lot of thought I realised that the tension was too high on my machine and it stretched out the fleece far too much to make it match to the cotton fabric of the quilt top. After adjusting the machine settings, I simply sewed round the edges, pulled the blanket through a hole at the bottom, and finished off the edges with a final seam around the outside. It isn't quilted, so you won't find any fancy stitch work on it, but it is finished! That's the main thing.

Since the fleece backing worked so well with this quilt and my baby quilt (more on that later), I will be using the same method for my other two quilts for the kids. It's not the traditional way of quilting by any means, but fleece blankets are so soft and cuddly, don't you think?

PS -- I can't get Blogger to reduce the size of the image, but it is clickable, if you want to look at the entire quilt and not just half of it...

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