Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Winning Stuff!

There are so many amazing giveaways that happen in the quilting blog world, and I don't always enter them because I am sometimes lazy but also I live in the UK and most of the quilt bloggers live in the States so I feel kind of cheeky entering!

But, on a whim, I entered the recent giveaway on the Thistle Hill Fabric shop blog, and I won! I'm so excited! The prize is amazing - a fat quarter stack from their Hope Valley range, and a subscription to Fat Quarterly! If there was anything to get me out of my third trimester sewing funk, this is it!

Thanks again!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Daleks: As Explained by a Three-Year Old!

So this is a departure from the quilt and fabric talk, but it's too funny not to share! My kids are really getting into the newest Doctor Who series, and my three year old seemed to really get a kick out of the latest Dalek episode. Here she is, explaining what the Daleks do and how bad they really are....

(my apologies for the sideways picture -- I can't seem to flip it!)

Here is a translation, for those of you who don't speak three-year-old.

Me: Tell me about Daleks.

Mimi: Daleks get a man tea. And that man drinks the tea and that Dalek shoots the man on the arm! Yeah, this arm.

Me: What happened to his arm?

Mimi: I don't know! It's gone!

Me: Oh no.

Mimi: And inside his body – and Doctor opened his body, and blood... What's his name again? (This is probably the cutest face she has ever pulled. I love it!)

Me: Um, Daleks?

Mimi: No, in the movie.

Me: Doctor? Doctor Who?

Mimi: Doctor Who opened his body and bones!

Me: He didn't have bones, because he was a robot.

Mimi: Oh no! He's a robot! That girl helped/tell that man he's a robot. And, takes his clothes off. He's a robot!

Me: Yeah. What else about the Daleks? What colour are they?

Mimi: Little Dalek and Big Dalek are white, Big Daleks white and blue and other Daleks... Mummy take a picture of me!

Me: The end.

Mimi: No! Just take a picture of me. And the Daleks, they do this (jump around), and not do this (hold arms out), and get tea, and not spit on the floor (??), [not sure what she's saying here]

Me: Do the Daleks like Doctor Who?

Mimi: No, they like Kim Possible. (her favourite tv show evah!!)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Recent Ebay Purchases

There hasn't been much sewing going on recently; I'm 8 months pregnant and have three other children who have been off school for nearly three weeks, so we've been trying to have fun in between my naps. :)

However, this hasn't stopped me from getting embroiled in a few bidding wars on eBay! Working on my husband's camo quilt has left me in dire need of COLOUR, so I bought a few packs of rainbow charm squares.

Aren't they gorgeous? I cannot wait to make something with them, but I'm still unsure what to make. Think think think.

I also bought fat quarters of various Strawberry Shortcake fabrics. Adorable! I will probably make a baby quilt for a friend of mine who is due a couple of weeks after me. Baby quilts are pretty fast to put together.
Or I may just keep all the fabric to myself and stay up late at night, petting it, while whispering "My Precioussssss" in a slightly menacing fashion.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Manliest Quilt Ever

I've been working on my husband's quilt off and on recently, but yesterday I really made a lot of headway. I'm using a simple rail fence pattern, so all the hard work is really now over! I cut all three different camo fabrics into strips, sewed them all together, and cut them into blocks.

Now to sew them back up again. I haven't decided how big the quilt will be; a friend of mine suggested using an ex-military wool blanket as the backing, but I think that will be far too scratchy for normal use. It would make the blanket ├╝ber manly, though!

I think it's coming along nicely; don't you?

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Dead Batteries

I went to use my camera yesterday, and the batteries were dead. Bah! I managed to find my daughter's camera, and took a few pictures of the blocks I've been working on with it. Her camera is a point and shooter, and I couldn't even figure out how to turn the flash on, so these pictures are so very bad. My apologies!

I am attempting to design my own wonky star quilt, and I'm not sure how it's going to turn out. I'm not in love with it yet, but things could change at any minute! I have been making mistakes left, right and centre with this thing, which is the main cause of my discontent.

The usefulness of a hot iron and a squaring ruler cannot be underestimated, when it comes to fixing sewing errors!

I love the stripes and polka dots, though!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

I-Spy Quilt Top

I finished my son's quilt top, and am very nearly finished with the entire quilt now. Huzzah! This makes four complete quilts (well, five if you include the ticker-tape doll quilt, and seven if you include the two quilted table runners!) since January of this year. I'm very pleased. Next up: my husband's camo quilt. That should be interesting!

This is my favourite block. I love the combination of the browns and blues together, with the old-timey feel of the pictures. I'm pretty sure that brown block on the middle right side is supposed to depict airplanes, so it ties in together nicely. (I, um, just noticed that now....)

Sports cars! Road signs! Orangey elephants!

This one's a bit blurry (sad) but I can't get over the cuteness of the middle square in this block. I like the contrast of the more grown-up pictures in the corners with the childish picture in the centre.

I hope this is a quilt that can "grow" with my son. He's 5 1/2 now, and loves things like cars, trains and comic books. Most boys continue to love those things well into adulthood, so hopefully I'm safe.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Before and After

Our home isn't big enough for a full room just for my sewing (someday!), so I have to do with a sewing corner. It was adding unneeded clutter everywhere, and everyone was getting frustrated with my stuff getting in the way:

There is also the added component of rubbish and junk littering the sewing corner as well. We have a difficult time making it out the front door to throw things out, apparently.

I had this writing desk in my bedroom, which had become more of a random-stuff-repository rather than an actual writing desk, so I thought it would be good to turn it into a sewing desk! I love all the little compartments inside, and even though my machine doesn't fit into it with the front closed, I can still tidy everything away in the drawers and leave the sewing machine on top or on the floor next to it. With everything else put away, it doesn't take up nearly as much room.

I impulsively decided to paint it. Normally I love the look of dark wood furniture, but with Spring on its way, I was desperate for a bit of light in the front room. The dark wood was just too dark for what I wanted, so I splashed a bit of paint on there. It is meant to look unfinished, but my husband doesn't care for it. :) We might get a green wood stain to rub into the top, but at the moment I'm happy enough.

There is still more clutter to be cleared away, as usual, but it works very well as a sewing desk so far! I will have to move the sewing machine to the table to work on larger projects, but that's not a huge hardship. I'm saving a lot of space this way, and my sewing supplies are nicely organised. I'm happy.