Sunday, 25 April 2010

Daleks: As Explained by a Three-Year Old!

So this is a departure from the quilt and fabric talk, but it's too funny not to share! My kids are really getting into the newest Doctor Who series, and my three year old seemed to really get a kick out of the latest Dalek episode. Here she is, explaining what the Daleks do and how bad they really are....

(my apologies for the sideways picture -- I can't seem to flip it!)

Here is a translation, for those of you who don't speak three-year-old.

Me: Tell me about Daleks.

Mimi: Daleks get a man tea. And that man drinks the tea and that Dalek shoots the man on the arm! Yeah, this arm.

Me: What happened to his arm?

Mimi: I don't know! It's gone!

Me: Oh no.

Mimi: And inside his body – and Doctor opened his body, and blood... What's his name again? (This is probably the cutest face she has ever pulled. I love it!)

Me: Um, Daleks?

Mimi: No, in the movie.

Me: Doctor? Doctor Who?

Mimi: Doctor Who opened his body and bones!

Me: He didn't have bones, because he was a robot.

Mimi: Oh no! He's a robot! That girl helped/tell that man he's a robot. And, takes his clothes off. He's a robot!

Me: Yeah. What else about the Daleks? What colour are they?

Mimi: Little Dalek and Big Dalek are white, Big Daleks white and blue and other Daleks... Mummy take a picture of me!

Me: The end.

Mimi: No! Just take a picture of me. And the Daleks, they do this (jump around), and not do this (hold arms out), and get tea, and not spit on the floor (??), [not sure what she's saying here]

Me: Do the Daleks like Doctor Who?

Mimi: No, they like Kim Possible. (her favourite tv show evah!!)

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