Saturday, 3 April 2010

I-Spy Quilt Top

I finished my son's quilt top, and am very nearly finished with the entire quilt now. Huzzah! This makes four complete quilts (well, five if you include the ticker-tape doll quilt, and seven if you include the two quilted table runners!) since January of this year. I'm very pleased. Next up: my husband's camo quilt. That should be interesting!

This is my favourite block. I love the combination of the browns and blues together, with the old-timey feel of the pictures. I'm pretty sure that brown block on the middle right side is supposed to depict airplanes, so it ties in together nicely. (I, um, just noticed that now....)

Sports cars! Road signs! Orangey elephants!

This one's a bit blurry (sad) but I can't get over the cuteness of the middle square in this block. I like the contrast of the more grown-up pictures in the corners with the childish picture in the centre.

I hope this is a quilt that can "grow" with my son. He's 5 1/2 now, and loves things like cars, trains and comic books. Most boys continue to love those things well into adulthood, so hopefully I'm safe.


amy smart said...

This looks so great! I love what you've done with it. (My 4-year-old was sitting on my lap while I looked at it, and he really liked the cars and airplanes you used!)

Also, I love what you've done with the desk! What a great idea. Before we moved, my sewing took up a corner of our family room and was the messiest part of the house - BUT I got stuff done. Now my mess has a room of its own (which is nice) but I get far less done because it's out of the hub of the action.

RaisinCookies said...

Thanks! It's good to hear positive responses from other young boys. :)

You have a good point about being in the hub of the action. Often my daughter will do her homework right next to me, and it's always easy enough to stop sewing for a minute while I help kids with snacks or prevent certain death when they are "playing" together.... ;)

Jandi said...

It looks wonderful! I love the fabric with the children playing on the swings.

RaisinCookies said...

Thanks! It's good fun, isn't it?