Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Other Baby Items I've Made!

My creative side is in full swing lately, and after reading up on ideas how to make a crinkle teething square for a baby, I decided to make a few myself. As mentioned before, I have a couple of friends due with babies only a few weeks after me, so I'm putting together a few small gifts for them.

The crinkle squares were a lot of fun to make! Aside from the animal appliqués, the square itself was simple and easy. I used a non-biodegradable plastic bag, cut out two layers and sewed it in between two squares of fabric. The squares make a lovely crinkly sound; hopefully the babies will enjoy them in a few months!

I made a little bib out of the same fabric I used for the animal appliqués. They are mostly for show, as I didn't add a terry layer to them so they won't be particularly absorbent. Ah well! Hopefully the pretty fabric will distract the receivers from noticing....

The hedgehog set is all for meeeee!

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