Monday, 7 June 2010

Baby Daze

A few days ago, I had my fourth baby. My older children are 7, 5 and 3 years old, and it's amazing how quickly I forget what it's like to have a new baby in the house... she's just scrumptious. I love her little noises, her wee little toes, her smell. I look at my older children in awe, because in a blink of an eye, this 2-day-old newborn will be at school and making her own way in the world with the same interminable spirit that my older three children have.

My labour experiences have been incredibly varied -- baby #1 was induced, baby #2 was emergency c-section, baby #3 was VBAC at the hospital, and baby #4 was a VBAC at home. I wouldn't change any of these experiences, because they all happened for specific reasons at the time, but I must admit that my home birth has so far been the most peaceful, easy and simple delivery of them all.

She was born at 2.33 am, in our living room. About a half an hour after her birth, my husband woke up our 7 year old to meet her new baby sister. That was such a magical moment for me. Before my youngest was even dressed for the first time, she met her older sister and started their life-long relationship together.

I am feeling pretty well myself, and am happy to report that I can bend over to pick up rubbish off the floor again! It's the simple things.

Penelope Anne, aka baby Penny, in all her chubby-cheeked, 9lbs 13oz glory:

Welcome to the world, my sweet one.


amy smart said...

Oh those cheeks!! She is scrumptious. Congratulations on a pleasant delivery and a beautiful new one! EnjoY!

jilly said...

Congrats on your BIG, healthy, beautiful girl. Wow!!!!

Hope you all are getting settled in. At least you have lots of helpers.

Sorry it has taken me so long to answer your question, but guess you were busy;-)

I am making the hexagon quilt into a lap size, need over 500 to complete. They are 1.5 inches. That way it goes faster...hehehe.

Blessings to all,

Vivian said...

Welcome to the world little Penny, you are simply gorgeous!

Take care, Viv

Lynne said...

My youngest of four are both now 8 so I won't be going back to babies but I have to say, she does look absolutely gorgeous. X

Jolie said...

congratulations - she is utterly gorgeous! (very very dangerous for the uterus though...I am so clucky I think I just laid an egg! lol)