Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Early Morning Wake Up

My kids are painfully early risers, and it has caused no end of frustration in me over the years. I have never enjoyed waking up earlier than 7am or so, but my kids seem to think 6am is a perfectly acceptable time to start the day. They basically open their eyes and start zooming around the house at 100 miles and hour, not slowing down until bedtime.

Unfortunately for me, the baby seems to be going down a similar path. She has been waking up before 6am recently, and chatting away to herself VERY LOUDLY until I take her downstairs to her toys. There's no point in losing my patience with her (unlike with the older children, who tend to jump from the top bunk, screeching, or dump entire boxes of cereal on the floor), but it is frustrating to lose an hour of sleep when EVERYONE ELSE in the house is sleeping, but you can't because the baby is too busy practicing her crawling and paper eating skills.

By the time she is losing steam a bit, everyone else is awake and preparing their daily mayhem. Fights over who gets to use the toilet first, wandering around in their underwear for 20 minutes because they can't seem to remember where their school clothes are (check the drawer, kid!), and jumping on a sleeping Daddy are often daily occurances. One of the most annoyingly ironic things about early mornings before school, is that the kids tend to play best together during this time. I hate to break them up with my harping (GET READY FOR SCHOOOOOOOOLL!! YOU'RE MAKING ME CRAAAAAZZZZYYY), but I tend to think it's a bit of a conspiracy on their part. Maybe one of these days, I won't make them go to school at all, because they are playing so nicely together. Heh.

Basically, morning times are chaotic and full of crabby people. It's not the best way to start the day, really.

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