Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Life in all its intricacies

Some things my son will eat for dinner:
  • steamed broccoli
  • corn on the cob
  • mashed potato
  • pasta of any sort
  • mild cheddar cheese by the truckload
Things he will not eat for dinner:
  • any other cooked vegetable
  • salad vegetables
  • stews, chilli, curries
  • someone else's leftovers that haven't even been germified for goodness sake
Things my three year old obsesses over:
  • tv time
  • chapstick
  • nail polish
  • juice
  • receipts
  • taking baths with the baby
Things my seven year old wishes she could do:
  • wear glasses
  • wear makeup
  • reach the top shelf where we hide sweets and biscuits
  • stay up later than the other kids
  • speak French fluently
Habits my 5 month old has fallen into:
  • forgetting she can roll from her stomach to her back, getting stuck and needing rescuing
  • sleeping for 20 minutes every evening about an hour before bedtime (gathering strength, I guess?)
  • pushing herself backwards across the room while blowing raspberries into the carpet
  • smiling at everything but laughing at only her biggest sister, no matter how hard I try!
  • eating paper whenever she can
  • catching all the little colds going around this autumn (sigh)

I've been working on a few things these past months, especially Christmas gifts for the kids. I'll update with pictures soon!


Lynne said...

Good to hear from you! X

Raisin'Cookies said...

Thanks! Life is totally crazier than I ever imagined, having 4 kids. Also better than I ever imagined. :)