Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Little projects

Life is busy, and I am tired, but I've been slowly plugging away at a few projects. My hexagon quilt is slow going, but I knew that when I started:

It's going to be awesome when I finally finish! And yes, there is a teeny little hedgehog in the middle of the bottom right hexagon. So cute.

Speaking of cute, look at these little dollies!
Laboriously hand sewn for my daughters' Christmas presents. I originally made a gigantic (about 10x the size of these 9" dolls) version as a test run and my three year old latched onto it really quickly. I like doing the small versions, though, as I can sit around watching tv as I sew them.

Using the same pattern, I made some zombie dolls for the kids, too.

I know, y'all are probably thinking "what on earth?!" so let me explain. I recently bought a copy of the computer game, Plants vs Zombies, and its popularity in our house is nothing short of epic. The kids live and breathe this game; when they aren't actually playing it (because I dole it out in small portions and use it as a bargaining chip for good behaviour OF COURSE), they act it out and pretend to be zombies and plants. All three of them have perfected their zombie walk, and try to eat my brains regularly.

So I figured, why not capitalise on this obsession and make some toys that they will really love? The dolls don't look anything like the zombies from the game, but I am in the process of making a few plant replicas out of felt. I have zero experience creating 3D plushie toys, so it's slow going, but I'm almost finished with my first pea shooter! I will definitely post some pictures when I'm done, because I'm quite excited with how its turning out already. I think it'll be cute.

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Your flower garden is growing wonderfully.