Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wah-Hey, it's almost Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving always sneaks up on me. I've been living in England for 11 years, and I suppose because I'm married to an Englishman and don't live in my home country, I tend to forget about Thanksgiving until the week before. Sometimes even the day before. (for shame!)

But not this year! This year we are having our American friends over with their passel of children, and we're cooking up a turkey and some yummy vegetables and PIES. It's going to be glorious.

I'm also going to give turkey brining a go. Wish me luck on that one; the turkey is such a central theme to the meal, that it's kind of nerve wracking when you try a new recipe with it. Realistically, though, when would I break out a 10lb turkey to practice a new recipe? It's do or die, starting tonight when I soak it in brine.

The kids and I made turkeys out of our traced hand shapes, and hung a sign up. They don't really have a concept of Thanksgiving (see my lacadasical attitude mentioned above), so it's just going to be a big meal with lots of running around the house with their friends.

It's going to be SUCH FUN.

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