Friday, 3 June 2011

At Least There Were No Flames?

I made a foolish decision earlier this evening and put my foam block for felting projects on top of our tall halogen lamp. I wanted it out of the way so the baby wouldn't grab it and hurt herself on the needle (she was cross with me for not giving it to her while I was working on a felted fairy doll), so put it as high as possible.

Fast forward about four hours, and it was starting to get dark. I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop and decide to turn on the halogen lamp. I had totally forgotten about the foam block up there.

It must have taken a few minutes, but eventually I noticed the air was looking foggy and I smelled something funny. I wasn't cooking anything, and outside smelled fine. The gas fire was off, and I was getting confused when suddenly I remembered the foam on the lamp. EEEEEEK!

The second I removed the foam from the lamp (or rather, what was left of the foam), a horrible chemical smell permeated the room and I was gagging. I had to go outside and even spit the taste of it out of my mouth. Gross.

Unfortunately, the fun didn't end there, because the fumes were still lingering so we set up the fan to blow them out of the room. My husband and I then took the lamp apart, scrubbed all the melted foam off of the internal bits, dried them, and put it back together again. It's now outside, turned on, hopefully burning off any leftover melted foam that we couldn't reach. Maybe it won't stink the house out the next time I turn it on. Even more hopefully, maybe I won't put stuff on the top of the lamp next time, either!!

Sometimes I wonder if I would cope with life without my husband. He helped with every aspect of the clean-up. He is very practical, and while I stupidly positioned to fan to blow the smoke out the front door, he reminded me that the back door was closer and we didn't want the smoke blowing upstairs to the kids' rooms. Duh. He scrubbed most of the gunk off, took the lamp apart and put it back together again, and never once made me feel foolish or complained at this unexpected amount of work at 10pm on a Friday night (yes, we know how to live it up). He's an awesome guy.

He also reminded me that I am never allowed to mention the time he left the toaster on the hotplates while they were still hot, thus melting the toaster.


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