Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sewing Club House

I have a plan. I am going to set up a sewing corner in our attic. It isn't a finished attic, so I'll have to climb the attic ladder to get to it, but the beauty of this idea is that the kids won't ever be able to get into my stuff! AND it won't take up any of our living space! AND our attic is mostly empty and a really good size, too.

We'll have to get an electrician in to put some outlets up there, but for now I'll be using my extra long extension cable.

It's silly to get excited about this, because it certainly isn't anything fancy but it's terribly practical and will allow me to have my own special private area of the house.

There might even be room for my laptop so I can watch iPlayer while I'm up there.

It's pretty much a grown-up version of a club house. Such fun!

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Anna said...

*I* would be excited about it. Very. But our loft doesn't have enough headroom to use it as a room, unfortunately. So basically I am very jealous.