Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hot in the Summer, Cold in the Winter....

My sewing clubhouse is up and running! I think the reason why it took me so long is:

1) I announced my intentions before actually doing anything about it, thus giving me the warm fuzzy feeling of DOING something when I was only THINKING it. My brain, it is Not Very Observant.

2) I didn't have any pressing sewing projects at the time (other than my abandoned ones, that is), so sewing stuff wasn't foremost on my mind anyway.

3) I wanted the Perfect Sewing Corner, and didn't have the money to make one. So I put it off, and sort of gave up the dream a bit.

But today! Today I was motivated. I think it's because we went to a local allotment open house fete thingy, and after walking past people's plots with their ingenious methods of reusing other items to make a fence, shed, or even a chicken house, I realised that I could do the same in my attic!

There is an old baby changing table up there that was left behind by the previous occupants. Up until this morning, I was using it to store Christmas decorations and such, but after re-jigging some boxes on the shelf above the table, I was able to clear it completely and use it for my sewing machine instead! (I couldn't fit my original sewing table through the attic entrance, which was a shame. I'm not sure what to do with that particular item of furniture now.)

The flooring is not meant for heavy, frequent use, so I decided not to haul a chair up there. (I actually prefer standing to sew anyway) In order to get my machine to a height comfortable for me to use, I grabbed a stack of attic floor tiles that were left in the corner up there and put them on the top of the table. I suppose I could have put them under the legs, but it was already balanced on the wonky flooring and I didn't want to mess with that. I covered those tiles with some cloth, since they have sharp and/or splintery corners.

Add in a makeshift ironing board made from an old sheet cloth covering some batting, balanced on a length of wood and additional lighting in the form of my halogen lamp, and voilĂ ! My own private hideaway that is not very pretty but can be improved slowly over time.

Fabric! Notions! Scraps! Patterns! All organised in clear plastic containers that didn't cost very much!!!

The view from the ladder as you climb in and out of the attic.

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