Saturday, 3 September 2011

I'm not a hoarder. YET.

I've been watching old episodes of Hoarders, and gosh. I can see why the show is so popular; it's the quintessential train-wreck that all at once makes you feel disgusted at other people's houses and pleased as punch about the state of your own house.

I must admit, though, that I can see myself going down the path of hoarding in my old age if I'm not careful. My particular weakness is books. They contain USEFUL information! Or they are lovely stories! Maybe I will read it again someday! It cost a fair amount of money (or, it was really cheap and a GOOD DEAL).

Except, libraries exist for a reason, google is my friend, and I will always have money to buy that book again in the future if I really needed it that much after I got rid of it.

We moved to a bigger house earlier this year, and with it came a lot of storage space. I am trying very hard to prevent that storage space from filling to the rafters with excess stuff.

So now, I am in the midst of sorting through old books, but I do find it difficult. There are lovely picture books that the kids just don't care for any more, but the baby might like them, so I am tempted to keep them. Although I must admit that there are just so MANY books that anyone would be overwhelmed by the quantity and the kids generally are.

Another reason why I find it difficult to get rid of books is because we home educate. I keep thinking we'll need it in the future and if the books go than an EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY will be WASTED.

Again, google is our friend. Libraries are helpful. My kids will not be without opportunities to learn things.

So the show is good for me. It's helping me to gain the impetus to clear up and clear out. I like having cupboards with hardly anything in them. I love it when the garage is tidy and that the attic is only storing seasonal clothing and holiday decorations (aside from my sewing nook, that is).

There is a wonderful freedom to not having so much STUFF. The important things are easier to find, for one thing.

I don't know if I will ever succeed in having a completely pared down life. One of my big dreams is to live without any computers or televisions in my home whatsoever, but it's not realistic; how would I blog?!

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