Thursday, 1 September 2011

In Which I Kill Myself Whilst Wearing Wheels Strapped To My Feet

That is not me. That lady up there is in the process of whipping a team-mate, or is being whipped. Not sure.

And here is where all you readers who have clicked through from a quilting blog go, "Huh? Why am I reading this?"

Well, the main reason is that I'm a dabbler. Two and a half years ago, I started teaching myself how to quilt; I was pregnant with my fourth child and wanted to make quilts for all of 'em. I made a few other things and it was great.

Then I had my baby, and sitting at a sewing machine was not on the agenda. My baby is now 15 months old and I still haven't really gotten back into it, unfortunately. I still sew, but I don't really have the drive to make quilts any more, much to my husband's disappointment! His camo quilt still isn't finished....

So I've moved on to a different hobby that takes up my time and money! Hurray! Only this one is as far removed from quilting as you can possibly imagine - Roller Derby.

I am not a particularly athletic person, really, but roller skating is incredibly fun for me and I've decided that I need to keep fit and active by doing things that I enjoy.

And boy, do I! Last night I went to practice and participated in my first "scrim" - a practice bout. A bout is made up of several "jams" that last 2 minutes each. I was able to play different positions on the team, and even managed a few hits and blocks!

I've only been to 10 practices, and am happy to say that I'm bruised and battered and thoroughly enjoying myself. It seems ridiculous to say that, but I kind of love falling - I have lost my fear of it, and suddenly everything is just fun. I'm also getting fitter, too!

Roller derby is not for the faint of heart, but it can be for everyone - there are young, single ladies on the team; there are women with teenaged kids; there are women with babies at home (or sometimes even at practice!). I probably break the mould of the stereotypical roller derby girl with my four kids and our home schooling lifestyle, but that's cool. It just means that this sport can cross all sorts of social strata.

What I love the most is that women of all body types are able to play together. We use our shapes and sizes to our advantage and get in there to knock people OUT! All that matters is your skill on the skates.

And I'm getting there.....

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