Friday, 2 September 2011

Time well spent

I am American, and have been living in England for the past 12 years. For whatever reason, the closest friends I've made while living here (aside from my English husband) are other American women.

And they are both leaving the country by the end of the year. (maybe) (very likely) (sob)

Two years ago, the three of us got pregnant within the same sort of time frame, so now our toddlers are merely weeks apart in age.

Logically, I knew that our time together would be short - I am the only one of the group married to an Englishman and I'm the only one who is a citizen of this country. (yep, I hold dual nationality) Their husbands are here for a specific job, and both of those jobs are coming to an end.

Technically I was the first to move away; our family moved to a town 40 minutes away at the beginning of the year. One of my friends moved a couple of months later, meaning that she now lives an hour away from our house. Getting together with our young families is a challenge.

But yesterday we managed to spend the day together; three mommas, fifteen kids and one on the way! It was the kind of day that you know in your heart won't happen again - an end of summer sunshine, kids playing in the pool, moms lounging on the couches watching the toddlers try to figure out how to play nicely.

These women have become the sisters that I never had, but always longed for. While I am happy for them to move back to our homeland (my family came with me to England, while they have been heartsick for theirs for years now), I wish this world of ours wasn't quite so big.

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