Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Series Roundup; Sunny Weather

Just wanted to poke my head in to say hello, and let you know that I am still working on my Living Chemical Free series!

Part 1 is a bit of an overview and a discussion on going "No 'Poo". Yes, that is a real term, and No, I don't like using those words.

Part 2 is all about the wondrous substance that is Baking Soda. Or Bicarbinate of Soda. Or Bicarb. Or sodium hydrogen carbonate, if we're going to be technical.

Part 3 has a recipe for homemade deodorant. A friend recently wondered aloud if my husband's long working hours coincided with my use of homemade deodorant. Ha, ha, ha! Everyone's body chemistry is different, but this works better than the store-bought stuff! (so no, his overtime has nothing to do with it...)

Part 4 shows how to make your own laundry soap with just two ingredients - boiling water and soap nuts. I love how the clothes come out clean, but not smelling strongly of any perfumes.


We've been busy enjoying the sunny weather, while it still lasts.

Lounging in the grass

Eating a picnic

Sliding, sliding, sliding

Making "flower chains" (as opposed to the traditional daisy chain)

Reading library books in the shade

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