Thursday, 10 May 2012


It is 4.34 am, and I am awake. I fell asleep putting the baby to bed (again) and am now sitting in the dark, listening to the birds sing and the rain fall.

As tired as I will feel in an hour or so, I love being awake at this time of day. The sky slowly brightens, the world is still quiet, and my family is at peace. I am alone.

Soon, someone will wake up. The baby will stir, and feel that I am not there. The older ones will be woken by the perpetual hunger of constant growth spurts, and begin their day of constant grazing. The sun will shine through the windows, and the day will truly begin.

I will need to go back to bed soon, before I grow anxious about my lack of sleep. But now, in the peace and the stillness, I am content.

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