Friday, 18 May 2012

What do your kids DO all day?

I started home educating my kids about 18 months ago. At first it was out of necessity; we were moving to a new town and I wasn't sure which school they would attend. But as the thought kept rolling around in my brain for longer and longer, I realised this was the right path for our family and my husband and I dove right in. The kids haven't been to school since.

At first I started planning lessons. I bought a ton of amazing books and curricula, and tried to plan out our schedule for the week every Sunday night.

That didn't last long.

My kids are a headstrong crowd. They are determined to learn things, but in their own way and their own time. This means that I'll be sitting at the computer at 10pm with my nine year old, researching hieroglyphics. It means we have amazing discussions about the different types of plankton in the sea whilst eating dinner. We essentially just live our lives and pursue our interests as and when. This results in my kids coming out with all sorts of random facts at the dinner table, and my five year old having the vocabulary of a ten year old (sometimes!).

Any attempts to force learning on them fails in an exploding fashion. Just the other day, I tried to teach my daughter a bit of grammar and the difference between "your" and "you're". She point-blank refused to learn it. She listened, but she told me that she wouldn't let it "get into [her] head." Well then. In my infinite wisdom, I carried on lecturing, which led to a bit of paper ripping, pencil throwing, and plenty of foot stomping and door slamming. Yeah.

But today, the three older ones are absorbed in setting up a shop in our driveway. They have gone through their things, decided what they wanted to sell, priced everything out, set up a table and chairs out front, and have a money box and paper. Bless their cotton socks - we don't get much foot traffic past our house, but it's a sunny day and they are happily busy with their project. I hope they get a sale!

Each day is different. I love it.


Jennifer said...

This sounds EXACTLY like homeschooling at my house! Complete with headstrong children.

Raisin4Cookies said...

Isn't it fantastic? I wouldn't change it for the world. :)