Friday, 1 June 2012

Illness, Obsessions, Sleep and a Question

This has been kind of a weird week.

Nearly every night this week, I've fallen asleep with the toddler. If I did this in the past, I would generally wake up about 1am, stay awake for a couple of hours, then go back to sleep again. It worked, apart from the fact that I never saw my husband! Not good.

But this week, I stay asleep all night. I guess it's the heat, which I know better not to complain about, but it still has a wilting affect. We've been out and about trying to enjoy it to the max, so business coupled with blazing sunshine can really take it out of a person.

My husband came home early from work on Wednesday and spent the day feeling horrible. We high-tailed it outta there (I'm a terrible sick-nurse!) and left him to sleep it off. He stayed home on Thursday as well, and I've tried to give him a wide berth because if I get sick, I don't get much time off at all!

I spent the day yesterday working on another skirt. This time it will be a fitted, gored skirt with two layers. I am experimenting with French seams and Hong Kong seams. It will have a zipper and a separate waistband with a button enclosure. I am both enjoying the process (because I am learning as I go along) and terrified that I will completely mess it up.

The French seams are looking pretty amazing, if I do say so myself, and the waistband shouldn't be too tricky. The most worrying aspect of constructing the skirt is the two layers combined with the zip. They need to be joined together for the zipper installation, but I want them to be separate after that. If that makes any sense; it barely even makes sense to me!

Going from quilting, basic alterations and circle skirts to actually constructing a well-fitted garment from scratch is a daunting leap! I keep thinking about the next steps, and I'm pretty sure I dreamed about it last night. I really want to get it done this weekend, which will require me to actually stay awake past 9pm tonight. Wish me luck on that one.

I'm working on a borrowed sewing machine right now, and am anxiously awaiting the return of my machine from the shop. Thankfully it only needed a thorough servicing rather than anything broken needing fixing. Hurray for sewing!

Okay, and my question: Why does my toddler always freak out at me when I try to do the dishes? Every single time! Rawr.

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