Friday, 29 June 2012

This is how I do housework.

It all started with a hole in the bag of oats.

I was pulling it out of storage to soak them for breakfast tomorrow, and they started spilling on the floor. Time to use a different container! Dig through the garage for spare mason jars, but they were a bit dusty.

Wash them, and dry them. Floor is now covered in oats, and needs to be swept.

Can't find the broom, so send kids hunting while toddler falls over and needs comforting.

Broom located, but really should wait until after pouring the oats into jars before sweeping, because of inevitable spills. Start pouring the oats, but really need the funnel. Go to the garage to dig out the funnel from one of the boxes of jars (not before checking the more logical place of the canning pot where all the other canning accoutrements are stored).

Start pouring oats into jars. Kids notice, and want to help. Organise their help, and while they are pouring, retrieve a painted figurine from toddler that belongs to her big sister (and who would be most displeased to discover the 2 year old playing with it).

Break up a fight over jars and oats and whose turn it is.

Feel pleased that floor hasn't been swept yet, since kids spill oats while helping.

Notice an open bag of lentils, decide to put lentils in a jar, too. Choose a jar that is too small. Find a bigger jar in the garage.

Put jars away, but in the process wipe down the counter where they are being stored. Sweep kitchen floor, shake rug outside.

Begin sweeping and clearing dining room. Arrange stuff in piles – dirty clothes, toys, paper and other rubbish, etc. Put things in proper places.

Spray and wipe down table. Put the cloth in the wash, and decide to put on a load of laundry because the toddler had a few accidents today.

Need a new dish cloth to wash dinner dishes. Look in the dryer, start folding the tea towels while looking for a clean cloth.

Find the cloth, put the tea towels away.

Finally ready to start washing dishes, but the toddler needs to go to bed.

Will most likely fall asleep with her.

And the dishes still won't get done, but at least the oats are soaking for breakfast.


Jennifer said...

I think we must be twins. That's how I do housework, too. : )

Raisin4Cookies said...

It's a juggling act!

The Mule said...

Yup! x

Suzanne Carter said...

ha ha, exactly how I do my housework as well. Are we tiplets then? ;)