Friday, 20 July 2012

Five Things For Friday: If Wishes Were Horses

If wishes were horses
Beggars would ride:
If turnips were watches
I would wear one by my side


Since it's five things for Friday, rather than three, what would you wish for if you had five wishes? 

My first wish would be for an actual summer, with sunshine and everything.

For the past three months, I think not a single 24-hour period has gone by without rain falling from the sky at some point.

Yes Please!


I wish that I was more organised. 

I've finally come to the sad realisation that owning shelves, boxes of various sizes, drawers, cupboards, an attic, laundry room and garage doesn't automatically make me very tidy.


I would like to honestly say it's because I'm just so invested in my kids' lives that I have no time for anything other than mothering/teaching/mentoring, but it's not true. I have time to spring clean the shelves and arrange things alphabetically if I so desired. But I'd rather read books, sew, and blog. (you're welcome)

It's just not meant to be.


I wish I knew how to write a book. 

I have wanted to write a book since I was a teenager, but never really understood how to do it. 

I still don't! How do people put a book together? What is the process of crafting a story? I should take a class or something, or spend time researching these questions. 

Instead of going through all that work and thinking, I want it to come to me automatically. And then write an amazing book that makes millions of people happy and gets turned into a movie. If I'm going to wish for something, might as well go big, eh?

(in fact, I am trying to figure this out right now, because a story has crept into my head and actually I'm taking the time to write it down.)

I learned how to type on one of these... (ok, it was electric)


This is a weather-related wish, but it's also a nostalgic one.

I wish there was a water park nearby! I grew up near one like this, which seems to have grown in size since I was there last and it looks awesome! Massive slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, splashing and swimming all day... 

Although I always forget how stressful it is to go swimming with little kids - I have to keep my glasses on so I can keep an eye on them at all times - so maybe I'll wish that all my kids can swim, first.

Fun. I'm totally serious.


Okay, so we'll pretend that I didn't use two wishes in my last paragraph.

For my last wish, I'll wish for contentment. For peace. 

I have the unfortunate tendency to look ahead to next week, next month, next year. I wonder about living in my homeland again, and pine for a time when my kids can experience the kind of wilderness that just doesn't exist in England. I wish my toddler was older, I wish I had another baby, I wish wish wish wish.

And I need to stop. 

There is a story about a Fish who could Wish. At the end of the book, he wishes he was like any other fish in the sea. And any other fish CAN'T wish, so that was the fish's last wish.

So this is my last wish. I wish that I can't wish, and be happy with who I am, where I am headed, and patience to get there.

Is it really a Chinese proverb? I don't know, but the words are wise.

What would you wish for?


Robin V said...

Hello! I wandered here from Heather's Five Things post...

I loved your post - esp because that line was one I heard again and again growing up: "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." One of my mother's favorites...

I like all your wishes - but I can relate to your wishes for rain and for organization.

How long have you been in England? I chuckled to see that you used the British spelling for "organised" (I'm right, aren't I? or do I have them mixed up? or have the spellings evolved, so either works everywhere???)

I wish you a good day!

Raisin4Cookies said...

Thanks for your wish! :)

I have lived in England for 13 years, and yes, my spelling is thoroughly Britishised. I went to college over here, so I had to learn how to spell "correctly" really fast.

Sometimes I forget just how British I must appear on the internet!

Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

I wish you would send some of your rain over this way! We are burning up (literally) on our side of the earth :) Funny, how that works isn't. I know it is always tacky to link to things you have written but your post just reminded me of this post I wrote awhile back about abundance. I don't know if you had read it but I thought I would share in case it helps at all.