Monday, 3 September 2012


I usually think of something to write in my blog when I'm doing the dishes or making dinner. Unfortunately, at those moments, I am very far away from a computer and unlikely to get the chance to sit down and write anything for several hours.

By the time I do sit down, my ideas have followed the dirty dish water down the drain and I'm drawing a blank.

So today I am going to force myself to write something anyway, and I've decided to write about my day.

This morning, unlike most mornings, I did not get up with the kids. I prodded and poked my husband to do it, while I went back to sleep. Usually, I am up with my toddler at around 6.30am, I say my prayers (if I remember!) and then we head downstairs to start our day. I clean the kitchen, make a green smoothie, and give people breakfast-type foods. After drinking my smoothie and taking vitamins, I head upstairs for a shower. Sometimes the siren's lure of the computer screen sucks me in and I don't get ready for another half hour, but I try not to sit at the computer first thing.

Today, because I didn't do my normal morning routine, I felt "off" most of the day. Dishes didn't get done until late afternoon, I didn't have my smoothie or vitamins, and I spent too much time pootling around on the computer.

But I also accomplished a fair amount. A few loads of laundry were washed, I helped my daughter get packed - not quite finished - for her trip with my husband to America in a couple of days, I collected a parcel from the post office and waited in all morning for two other deliveries.

The kids and I went to our allotment and released the chickens (6 eggs today!). They aren't quite free range yet, unfortunately, because my husband and a friend are in the process of building them a fox-proof run with a roof to prevent them from flying off. At the moment they are in a little hen house with an attached run that we open up twice a day to let them feel the sun on their backs. They are ex-battery hens so didn't really know what to do with themselves out of doors at first, but now they dearly love scratching in the dirt and get very excited when we arrive to let them out! I can't wait until they have their permanent outdoor home so we don't have to coop them up any longer.

This afternoon, we relaxed with a bit of screen time, watching a movie. Right now my kids really enjoy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I introduced them to the cartoon a few weeks ago, and we are making our way through the cheesy 90s live action movies, too. My little brothers used to love TMNT! I was too old to enjoy them to the same extent, but memories come flooding back when I watch the movies alongside my kids.

The bonus of my kids watching older cartoons is that the huge marketing hype that surrounded the TMNT franchise no longer exists. I just bought a few old toys on eBay for a fraction of the cost of what they would have been brand new, even 20 years ago. (ack! has it been that long?!) So now my son has a few toys he can play with and can't beg me for more, because they don't exist. See the beauty of this logic? Hee. As long as nobody tells him about eBay, I'm golden.

In food news, we are 2 weeks and counting with no meat. Dinners have been hit and miss, but to be fair, they were hit and miss when I was cooking meat, too. I enjoy eating bean-based dishes more than the family, it has to be said. It's okay, though! We'll get there in the end! There have been very few complaints about no meat, but my daughter did ask me if it was okay for her to eat a burger when she is in America with her dad. I had to laugh! It's up to them, of course - I'm not the dinner police - but I worry that they will get an upset stomach if they chow down on meat after not having it for a while.

I am toying with the idea of going vegan, myself. I wouldn't necessarily force this on my family, because they are a cheese loving bunch! But I am experimenting with making almond milk, and it's not half bad! I just soak the almonds overnight, rinse them off and blend them with water. To strain the almond puree, I've been using a fine mesh bag that I originally bought to use for buying loose produce in the grocery store. Since I often get my groceries delivered, I don't use the bags much! But they are perfect for straining the almond milk, so it's not a total waste of money.

So the milk tastes pretty good! I'm trying to acclimatise the children by mixing it in with the half-empty milk carton. I thought I was getting away with it with my first batch of almond milk, but I didn't strain it very well so it was still rather "bitty" and they noticed! Drat! I've made a much smoother drink this time, so hopefully they won't notice as much.

Tonight I cleaned the front room and moved our dining table away from the window. Our landlord is coming tomorrow to replace the leaking radiator and this room was downright embarrassing. Some would say it still is, what with the random stacks of books everywhere and crooked pictures, but at least the floor is clear of debris and the dirty clothes are in the laundry room! I swear, the only time I clean thoroughly is when people are coming over....

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