Friday, 14 September 2012

I'm Just So Flighty

I was recently having a discussion online about why I don't have a blog dedicated to home educating my kids.

My reason was: I don't have the attention span to maintain a blog about only one thing! What I love about my blog here is that I feel free to write about whatever I want, whenever the mood strikes. I'm not interested in a tight focus or cultivating a following, or anything aside from writing my random thoughts.

But since that discussion, I have been thinking of a different type of blog that I might be interested in writing; a food blog.

Oh yes. I've done one before. A few years ago I had a wordpress blog called 30 Cakes in 30 Days. That was before my sugarless way of life and while it was fun, it wasn't exactly the best for my waistline or health!

So today I started a new blog, called The Vegetarian Tricentarian. Not only am I admitting to the world my age and eating habits, I am inviting any of my readers here to join in the discussion.

I'll probably re-post a few blog entries from here - can you plagiarize yourself, by the way? - and add things like recipes, health updates, what my kids are eating, and so on.

I don't know how long it will last, to be honest. I have had several blogs in the past with a tight focus (the cake thing, home ed, health at every size issues, parenting a disabled child) and always give up after a while. In fact, I deleted all the other blogs so I wouldn't feel guilty about not updating them anymore!

Yes, I have a strange mind. Won't you join me?

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